Pollution Source Census and Data Application System ▼


The Second National Pollution Source Survey is a major national survey. Its main purpose is to find out the basic situation of various pollution sources, understand the quantity, structure and distribution of pollution sources, master the production, discharge and treatment of pollutants in the country, region, river basin and industry, establish and improve the archives of key pollution sources and the information database of pollution sources and environmental census statistics platform, and provide the basis for comprehensive decision-making of strengthening the supervision of pollution sources, improving environmental quality, preventing and controlling environmental risks, serving the environment and development.

The system adopts two-level deployment and five-level application to realize the national pollution source census collection and data application system. The main functions include census organization management, census area management, field monitoring and tracking, census personnel management, census task generation, issuance, audit and other functions. Mobile handheld terminal can collect census staff's household index, spatial information, census task auditing, field attendance card printing and other functions. Finally, the results of the census have been presented as "a map", and multi-dimensional information analysis and mining have been carried out. The results of the census provide strong guarantee for environmental management decision-making.