Mapuni has entered a critical period of transformation and development, not only to continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, we should also grasp the key technologies to tackle key areas. From the perspective of discerning customer needs and resolving customer pain points, technology innovation, business transformation and market demand are integrated into a value chain to form an insurmountable moat for competitors.


Looking forward to the future, the macro situation is still full of challenges, we must plan a big pattern and a big market, with the spirit of striving for first and unremitting pursuit, striding forward steadily with the strategic goal of "striving for big data to lead enterprises and creating a first-class brand of big environmental protection". I am convinced that those who desire the same will win. As long as we are firm in our beliefs, do not forget our original intentions and we all roll up our sleeves and work harder. We can certainly take advantage of the situation and make great achievements.