Cultivation of Talents

MAPUNI attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. The company has established a sound training management mechanism, a systematic training course system and a professional internal lecturer team. The company is not only a platform for employees to learn and grow, but also a platform for employees to achieve self-worth.


On-the-job training and pre-job training

After the new employee joins the company, the human resources department will organize the company's internal lecturers to conduct a series of special training for the new employees.
After the new employee starts to work, the Human Resources Department will organize the tutors of the department to conduct pre-job training for the new employees, and let the new employees understand the functional structure, management practices, personnel responsibilities, core business and work processes of each department.


Management development

In order to meet the needs of the company's development strategy, the company provides a series of management skills training for employees, especially to send middle and senior management personnel to Peking University, Tsinghua president class to participate in MBA, EMBA study, and invite professional lecturers to do some training in " Management Communication and Coordination”, “Career Development and Management”.


Professional technical training

In order to build the company's core competitiveness, the company will organize internal professional and technical lecturers to carry out professional training in specific positions. Encourage employees to master new technologies and new skills through learning, so as to become the company's professional and technical personnel, and build the company's core competitive advantages.


Marketing management training

The company regularly provides professional sales skills and marketing management training to the marketing team, creating a wolf marketing and sales team.