China Sciences Mapuniverse Technology Co., Ltd (MAPUNI) was founded in 2001, it is China 's leading geographic information and environmental technology service provider which is committed to building “big data” and “big environment” two industrial ecospheres. MAPUNI focuses on industries of smart map, smart environmental protection, smart water conservancy, environmental governance and public service, providing industry-wisdom integrated solutions and services for clients. It is headquartered in Beijing and has formed the development pattern of 6 major nationwide-level regional branches, and more than 20 provincial-level branches. So far, MAPUNI has more than 600 clients in more than 300 cities of China.

MAPUNI establishes close partnership with a number of top scientific research institutions, setting up many scientific research platforms such as Digital Environmental Protection Laboratory, Digital Basin Laboratory and Big Data Application of Environmental Monitoring Engineering Laboratory of Beijing. It is granted “Academician Expert Workstation” and “Postdoctoral Research Station”. Under the guidance of the "Strategic Development and Sci-tech Committee", which is composed of experienced experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, MAPUNI has set up a complete scientific and technological results transformation system of "Politics - Production - Learning - Research - Application", and hosted or participated in many national projects. MAPUNI has won more than 200 awards, acquired more than 300 software copyrights and more than 100 patents, published more than 10 monographs.

With the technology of remote sensing and geographic information, around "big data" industrial ecology, MAPUNI taps the value of data assets and cultivates the Internet model of map application. Based on “Accurate Smog Control, System Water Control, Scientific Soil Governance, Smart Management”, around "big environment" industrial ecology, MAPUNI provides clients with comprehensive wisdom integrated solutions.

In recent years, MAPUNI fully implements independent innovation strategy of “Bringing In, Going Out”, it has reached nearly 100 strategic cooperation with a number of countries, regions and organizations, won the trust and high praise from many partners and formed a customer service demand-oriented mature system which the business areas cover the world.

With the business philosophy of “More Specific, Finer, Stronger, Bigger”, MAPUNI is marching forward to approach ambitious target: “Aiming to be Big Data Leading Enterprise, Create First-class Brand in Big Environment”.